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We want every employee to do the work of their life here.

Talent and Career Development

Doing the work of your life at DocuSign is about being able to do challenging and meaningful work in an environment where you can be heard, exchange ideas openly, learn new skills and build lasting relationships.  We offer a number of resources to eligible employees to help engage and develop our employees including:

  • High quality online learning resources
  • Career development coursework and career frameworks that provide transparency into career paths
  • Education assistance towards degree programs, certificates, certification exams and CPE credit
  • Performance and development coaching
  • Mentoring and peer coaching resources
The adage, “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” is something we take to heart. To this end, we want every employee to have a great manager and every manager to have the training, resources and guidance to be great. That is why we have invested heavily in the development of our managers through:
  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • The Work of Your Life Manager program
  • DocuSign New Manager Program
  • Manager Community Webinars
  • Online resources to support managers at all levels of their development

High quality online learning resources

DocuSign Learning is our online, one-stop learning platform which enables employees to learn, develop and measure their skills to do the work of their lives. Employees can access internally developed content on our products and processes as well as premium content from LinkedIn Learning and Harvard Business Publishing Leading Edge. Employees can even access and search external freemium content; including TED Talks, articles, videos, MOOCs (large-scale, free, Internet-based learning programs), and more. For tracking and accountability purposes, employees can keep track of all their learning in one place and easily view their progress.  Managers, colleagues, and teams can share what they learn by recommending content to others and curating targeted learning paths that consolidate relevant information in one cohesive structure.

Career development coursework and frameworks

Our goal is to support employees and managers to have rich conversations around career development as employees think about doing the work of their lives. To that end, we offer Career Exploration workshops that help employees articulate their professional aspirations more clearly, understand how to explore opportunities at DocuSign, and construct a development plan in partnership with their manager. We also train managers to coach employees on how to pursue their career goals. 

We have DocuSign Career Frameworks for almost all of our jobs that support employees in navigating their future career opportunities at DocuSign. These resources provide employees with clear and transparent expectations, skills and development resources for different positions within their current function as well as across different functions at DocuSign. Whether their aspiration is to remain in their current positions, to progress to higher-level roles within their current function or to pursue cross-functional opportunities, the Career Frameworks will be a great jumping off point to support employees in doing the work of their lives.

Mentoring and peer coaching resources

DocuSign Connections is a global career mentoring and peer coaching platform designed to connect employees and support their professional growth.

Education assistance

The DocuSign Education Assistance program was created to promote continuous learning and to support our employees in furthering their skill development related to their current or future roles.  The program reimburses eligible employees who are pursuing an advanced degree, continuing professional education (CPE) credits, a credentialed certification program, or a certification exam through an accredited institution or industry-recognized organization. Employees, regardless of where they are in the world, may apply for up to $5,000 USD (or local currency equivalent net local taxes as specified in the policy) per calendar year.  Participation in this program may be one element of an overall growth plan formulated by the employee and their manager.

Performance and development coaching

We believe that hands-on experience, feedback and coaching account for the most powerful components of an employee’s development.  As such, we provide two formal, structured opportunities each year for managers and employees to reflect on and discuss accomplishments, feedback, goals and development plans and encourage more frequent informal conversations. Peer and stakeholder feedback gathered through our internal systems enriches these conversations. We offer a number of online and live resources to support employees and managers in the skills they need to get the most out of this process.

Employee pulse surveys

Our CEO, Dan Springer, often says, “Feedback is a gift.” That is why we have multiple channels to support candid discussion and transparency. Employees can ask questions at our quarterly All Hands, semi-annual small group CEO Town Halls, through performance reviews, etc. Tough questions are asked and answered. We also formally solicit employee input twice a year via pulse surveys. Employees respond to 15-20 questions and can write more detailed comments on each.  The survey is targeted at employees who have been with the company at least 3 months to get a deep understanding of what motivates them, what obstacles they might be facing and what we can do better. Our CEO and Chief People Officer read every comment, discuss themes and develop an action plan to address the areas of friction and opportunities.

Work of Your Life Manager program

We launched the Work of Your Life Manager Program to deliver on our promise that every employee deserves a great manager and every manager deserves the time and resources to be great. Much of that commitment relies on great managers to support a positive work experience for everyone at DocuSign.

We conducted primary research on what uniquely makes our best managers great and came up with our DocuSign Manager Expectations. We then designed programs and resources to support our managers in meeting those expectations which are:

Be an example

  • Demonstrate professionalism
    by treating colleagues with respect and dignity, assuming positive intentions and bringing your best game every day.
  • Lead with confidence and humility
    by being authentic and honest.
  • Empower inclusive teams
    by creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work and advocating for your team and team members.

Deepen our bench

  • Invest in potential
    by focusing on long-term talent growth and generously supporting employees with opportunities and resources.
  • Coach honestly,
    being forthcoming with candid and ongoing feedback.
  • Build on unique strengths
    to multiply the impact of your team’s work.

Get work done

  • Frame clear, ambitious goals
    that will inspire and drive peak performance.
  • Encourage and challenge
    your team to stay positive, work hardand celebrate their wins.
  • Ensure recognition is impactful and meaningful
    by understanding the motivations of individual team members.

Drive collaboration

  • Connect people and disrupt silos
    by creating a culture of deep cooperation and sharing networks across DocuSign.
  • Enable trusting, non-hierarchical relationships
    by engaging with colleagues as equals.
  • Seek win-win outcomes
    by establishing shared goals and expectations for working together.

The program elements that reinforce our DocuSign Manager Expectations include:

  • Experiential workshops and online content for managers of all levels focused on education, practice and community building around each of the four Manager Expectations
  • Structured upward feedback for each manager on how their behaviors align to the DocuSign Manager Expectations
  • People practices that ensure we hire, onboard, evaluate, reward and recognize managers who live the DocuSign Manager Expectations

DocuSign New Manager program

Our belief that managers are the most critical element to ensuring that employees have a positive work experience is emphasized through our investment in new managers. This six month cohort-based program is focused on those with less than two years of management experience. The program includes 12 weeks of experiential coursework covering the core elements of management. The program also incorporates elements to build community and encourage ongoing practice, including peer coaching, advice from leadership, three hours of executive coaching and virtual reality enabled practice for giving feedback.

Manager Community Webinars

We offer Manager Community Webinars to connect managers so they are able to share best practices with peers across the globe.

Online resources for managers

We have created a number of online resources for our global manager population that are readily accessible, customizable and in many cases in multiple languages.  These resources pull from premium content like LinkedIn Learning and Harvard Business Publishing Leading Edge to offer support to all managers on topics relevant to building their teams, developing their people and driving performance.  In addition to the more formal learning content, we have created an intranet site exclusively for managers where they can find resources  on performance reviews, hiring, promotions, job architecture, onboarding, safety and security in the workplace, among other topics. People managers also have access to a private Slack channel where they can pose questions and get help quickly.

More information

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