Delight your patients by making the switch to digital

DocuSign enables you to spend more time listening to your patients, and less time processing their paperwork. With information at your fingertips, you address your patients’ needs faster and more effectively. They feel the difference.



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Enhance the patient experience

Spend more time focusing on health. Patients want to spend their time in the exam room with their physician—not filling out forms. With DocuSign, you can instantly improve the patient experience by enabling them to fill out forms ahead of time on their own mobile device or computer. DocuSign helps patients and physicians focus on treatment instead of on paperwork.


Improve HIPAA compliance

Protect your PHI. DocuSign helps reduce non-health related expenses and achieve sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA, and the Affordable Care Act. For more, read the DocuSign HIPAA Compliance Overview. If your organization plans to transmit PHI through DocuSign, contact us to request a BAA.

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Increase productivity

Make billing and processing faster and easier. You're already jumping through a lot of hoops to ensure your patients are admitted properly, before billing them and their insurance company. DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management platform speeds up the process and reduces errors, letting you see patients sooner and receive payments faster.

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Simplify care coordination

Meaningful use starts with access to information. When patients, physicians, and payers collaborate, care improves. But you need tools to facilitate those important discussions. DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management solutions help you gather and properly use patient information to provide the best care possible.


Use Cases

DocuSign can facilitate many common transactions for health plans, such as:

  • Physician credentialing
  • Audit and compliance processes
  • Medical records updates
  • Claims processing
  • Agent/broker onboarding
  • Medicare/Medicaid forms
  • Prior authorizations
  • HIPAA forms
  • Provider contracting






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