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Intelligently analyze agreements with AI

DocuSign Insight
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Understand what’s in your agreements

Drive smarter business decisions while uncovering risks and hidden opportunities with powerful contract analytics. DocuSign Insight uses a proven combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies—including natural language processing, machine learning and rules-based logic—to help find, filter and analyze agreements across your enterprise.

Manage and analyze agreements with Insight

Help sales drive revenue

Reveal revenue opportunities and potential profits hidden in your agreements.

Accelerate legal service delivery

Empower business to happen faster, without compromising your risk profile.

Boost procurement outcomes

Protect business continuity and optimize your spend under management.

Put contract data to work

Equip business systems with extracted contract data and analysis results.

Reduce operational risk

Ensure agreements and processes adhere to legal and business policies.

Streamline compliance

Automate standardized compliance analysis and reporting.

Learn how DocuSign Insight works

Video showing how contract analytics works.

Insight inspires smarter decisions

Access agreements from DocuSign and other sources with DocuSign Insight.

System-wide agreement access

Gain visibility across all your agreements—from DocuSign accounts, network files and external resources.
Use DocuSign Insight’s out-of-the-box AI models.

Pre-built AI models

Deploy standard AI policies to extract common key terms and clauses—or enhance with hundreds more policies for specialized analysis.
Get more answers, faster, with DocuSign Insight’s AI-powered search capabilities.

AI-powered search

Go beyond keywords to legal concepts, with natural language processing as well as wildcard, proximity and full Boolean search.
Compare and contrast contract language by viewing agreements side-by-side in DocuSign Insight.

Views to fast answers

View side-by-side comparisons of selected contracts, displaying the specific language that answers critical questions.
DocuSign Insight clause library interface.

Direct access to clause library

Redline with the Analyzer add-on to insert pre-approved language from your organization’s legal team.
DocuSign Insight’s built-in risk scoring dashboard.

Risk scoring

Get a risk score assigned to your clauses to guide faster review of contracts.

Get insights before you negotiate

DocuSign Analyzer is a contract analytics solution designed for the pre-execution stage of your agreement process. DocuSign Analyzer is part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and is an extension to the DocuSign Insight solution. DocuSign Analyzer integrates with DocuSign CLM and DocuSign eSignature to create a seamless workstream for the preparation, signing and management of agreements.
See how DocuSign Analyzer works

Agreement negotiation is inefficient


of businesses experience delays related to contract management.*


lack visibility into the location and status of agreements pre-execution (and 45% post-execution).*


of businesses experience risk from an inability to proactively detect problematic contract language.*

Dig deeper with specialized AI models

Enhance your analysis with pre-trained, customizable AI models for mission-critical use cases. Quickly find answers to pressing legal and business questions across all your agreements.


Drive better business deals, faster. Spot most-favored-nation terms, notice requirements and other unseen risks and opportunities.


Stop value leakage in vendor relationships. Evaluate obligations, SLAs, renewals, rebates, incentives and other key procurement terms.

Catastrophic Events

Protect your business operations in a crisis. Analyze force majeure, termination for convenience, damages and other critical terms.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Uncover hidden risks in contracts before they impact your transaction—and identify opportunities for post-integration synergies.

Data Privacy

Bolster your security and compliance posture. Evaluate your agreements for GDPR, CCPA and other legal data privacy standards.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Understand critical details across volumes of NDAs—such as duties of care, restrictive covenants and confidentiality carve-outs.


Adapt to geopolitical changes. Analyze territory, currency, governing law, tax and other terms affecting trade and compliance.


Phase out LIBOR/IBOR efficiently and safely. Filter and prioritize contracts to be revised and understand the processes they require.

QFCs and Credit Agreements

Meet SR 14-1 reporting requirements for Qualified Financial Contracts (QFCs) and track key data points—such as covenants—to spot risk across credit agreements.
DocuSign Insight Connector for SAP Ariba screenshot showing search and column headers.

Supercharge your SAP Ariba experience

Answer supply chain questions up to 80% faster. DocuSign Insight Connector for SAP Ariba provides centralized access to all Contract Workspace files and delivers a full spectrum of AI-powered search and analysis capabilities—to quickly address commercial and legal issues across your entire portfolio of procurement contracts.

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UnitedLex powers agreements with DocuSign Analyzer

“DocuSign Analyzer is a great asset that offers smarter execution of the contract process and cost-effective outcomes. UnitedLex is excited to collaborate with DocuSign on the industry’s largest deployment of AI within commercial contracting.”

Dan Hendy
EVP Corporate & Commercial Services

Learn more about Insight

Use these resources to learn more about Insight and how AI can power data discovery across all your agreements.

Conduct deeper analysis with DocuSign Insight’s specialized AI models.

Specialized AI Models Datasheet

Learn how you can manage and analyze agreements with Insight.
Dig deeper with specialized AI models

Smart Solutions for Agile Procurement

Learn how to advance your procurement contracting from tactical to strategic with the DocuSign Agreement Cloud.
Learn how combining CLM and contract analytic improves contracting agility

A New Era of Contracting Agility White Paper

Contract management is becoming truly agile. This paper outlines the three key capabilities to look for in an unified CLM and contract analytics solution.
DocuSign Insight

DocuSign Insight Datasheet

Learn more about the key features and benefits of DocuSign Insight.
Contract analytics whitepaper

Contract Analytics

How to unlock business value within contracts for all stakeholders. Gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of contract analytics.
Gain insights into agreements with DocuSign Analyzer

DocuSign Analyzer Datasheet

Learn more about the features and benefits of DocuSign Analyzer.


Yes, Insight can automatically onboard and index the full text of agreements in DocuSign eSignature, along with envelope metadata, custom fields and the Certificate of Completion.

DocuSign Analyzer is a valuable add-on that brings Insight’s AI to the pre-execution phase, streamlining contract review and negotiation. Analyzer provides automated agreement risk analysis, so you can fix it before you sign it.

DocuSign Insight powers DocuSign Analyzer, which streamlines agreement negotiation with in-depth risk analysis and recommended replacement language.

Insight and Analyzer are part of DocuSign CLM+, which brings together contract analytics and intelligent process automation.

Insight includes optical character recognition (OCR), a technology that "reads" the text from an image, making it indexable for search. So, if you want to index legacy agreements that are still on paper or in image files, you can.
DocuSign acquired Seal Software, a pioneer and leader in AI-driven contract analytics, in 2020. DocuSign originally began selling Seal’s flagship product as DocuSign Intelligent Insights (now DocuSign Insight) in 2018, and made a strategic investment in the company in 2019.
Yes. DocuSign rebranded Intelligent Insights to Insight in 2020, concurrent with the release of DocuSign Analyzer.

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