Boost profits and productivity while delighting customers

As the insurance industry steadily moves toward mobility and self-service, digitizing cumbersome paper-based workflows is a business imperative. DocuSign’s eSignature solution does just that, increasing profitability while streamlining operations and enhancing collaboration inside your business, so you can stay focused on your clients.


Get your policies completed faster and increase revenue

The time it takes to complete an application using ink and paper puts your new customers at risk, especially if they can apply faster and easier with the competition. With DocuSign, applicants complete and sign documents in minutes without errors, so your cycle time comes down dramatically, reducing the likelihood clients will take their business elsewhere. Your staff can spend less time tracking down signatures and more time focusing on sales.




DocuSign helps you streamline operations and cut costs

DocuSign offers much more than the ability to sign documents electronically. With DocuSign Payments, you can collect payments and eSignatures at the same time in one step. Documents, data, and signatures, and payment collections easily integrate with your back-end systems, and our guided signing and payment process helps minimize incomplete documents not in good order (NIGO).




Delight your customers with DocuSign

Did you know that a poor claims experience is one of the top reasons a customer would switch to another insurer? With DocuSign, you can automate agreement and payment workflows throughout all your core insurance operations – like underwriting, policy administration, billing and claims management – with confidence, delivering an optimal customer experience. With world-class security, open and extensible API integration, and round-the-clock availability, DocuSign is the global standard for electronic signatures in the insurance industry.




Enhance collaboration between agents, carriers, and customers

DocuSign’s cloud-based, mobile-enabled Digital Transaction Management solution provides easier, faster, and more efficient ways for agents, customers and carriers to interact with each other and help you outsell the competition.



Use Cases

With DocuSign, you can automate paper processes, including:

  • Insurance application
  • Claims first notice of loss
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Premium payments
  • Account change forms
  • New policy applications
  • Recurring payment authorization
  • Policy cancellation authorization
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Selection/Rejection forms






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